War Memorial Park

The War Memorial Park is Coventry's premier park and attracts around 400,000 visitors from all over the city and beyond every year. Many come to enjoy a casual visit, while others come to take part in some of the many special events that take place throughout the year. 

Roughly 48.5 hectares in size, the park is made up of two areas, the formal garden with the War Memorial and the sports areas, with playing fields, golf course, Splash 'n' Play Park and play areas. There is also a 1.6-mile circular footpath around the park.

The War Memorial Park is now listed as a Grade II park by English Heritage and the War Memorial itself is listed as Grade II *  by English Heritage. Details of the listing can be found by visiting the English Heritage website.

 The permanent orienteering courses are shown on a single two-page map with all the instructions on the second page. There are four courses available - novice, medium, medium/difficult and difficult or you could simply see how many controls you can find in 30 or 45 minutes.

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Further Information
Region: West Midlands
Local Club: Octavian Droobers
Nearest Town: Coventry
Postcode: CV3 6PT
Carpark: CV3 6PT
At least one wheelchair accessible route
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for intermediate orienteerers
Suitable for advanced orienteerers
Available Maps
Memorial Park2020v2 POC & MapRunFREE
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Maps Available From

Maps are available from the visitor centre although you are recommended to download and print your own copy.

Other Things to do in the Area

There are many facilities in the park including bowls, tennis, footgolf, play areas, dry play pitches and more. There is a cafe located in the centre of the park adjacent to the start of the permanent course. Coventry's Park Run starts from the car park on Saturday mornings.

A full description of park facilities is at www.coventry.gov.uk/warmemorialpark

VOC Details

The MapRun courses use the range of POC courses

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