Swanley Park

A line course with 14 controls, using MaprunF. The controls must be taken in order.
This course has the same start and finish. 3km. Suitable for juniors.

The course crosses a narrow road with infrequent and generally slow-moving traffic just north of the lake. Take particular care crossing this road. This takes you into a lovely area with an avenue of lime trees. The route back into the main part of the park is the same route you will take to access this area i.e. you return almost to control 10 before heading west. This is because the path adjacent to the cafe can be very busy and where it is difficult to apply social distancing when moving at speed, hence it is marked as out of bounds in fairness to all competitors.

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Further Information
Region: South East
Nearest Town: Swanley, Kent
Postcode: BR8 7YL
Carpark: BR8 7YL
Suitable for intermediate orienteerers
Maps Available From

Free of charge from DFOK website.at www.dfok.co.uk

MaprunF folder is Kent/Dartford

Maprun Challenge series at :

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