Snibston South

Suspended: There are extensive forestry works while a new set of mountain bike trails are installed. Courses are suspended until further notice.

Alternative: The nearest Courses are at Hermitage Leisure Centre and harder courses are at Sence Valley Forest Park 


the area is managed by Leicestershire County Council.

Score Course is where you find as many as you can in a time limit with points penalties for lateness, 

Map updated: Summer 2021, but courses have yet to be corrected.


Course Controls Length
Suitable for Estimated
Time (mins)
Orange 16 2.2 Adult beginner confident junior 25-50
Score 15  

Adult or children

Some controls are too hard for beginners


Lengths of courses shown are in straight lines between controls, and the estimate of times are for someone running to someone walking. Both will vary depending on your route choice and ability.

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Further Information
Region: East Midlands
Nearest Town: Coalville
Postcode: LE67 3NQ
Carpark: LE67 3NQ
Forest & more rural
Suitable for intermediate orienteerers
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