Nuneaton SE

Download a single pdf which contains maps for the four courses below. Run whichever course you wish and then have a go at one or more of the others for maximum value and enjoyment.

Short, Medium, Long and Sprint (a relatively short course with a higher density of controls in the more complex areas) urban coiurses

Short:                2.6km / 15m / 16 controls / Optimum distance 3.1km
Medium:           3.5km / 30m / 21 controls / Optimum distance 5.3km
Long:                 5.5km / 40m / 27 controls / Optimum distance 8.0km
Sprint:               3.3km / 20m / 21 controls / Optimum distance 3.8km

Medium and Long courses use Paul's Land and the (Crowhill) estates to the North. The map was drawn at 1:4000 but is here reduced to 1:5000 to fit on A4 for home printing. Some point symbols are enlarged for legibility however some of the narrow passages are a little difficult to spot (you may want to carry a magnifier - or study the map in advance if your print quality is not good).

Short and Sprint courses use Pauls Land and the Magyar Crescent and Purcell Avenue estates to the South. These courses are at 1:4000 for better legibility.

Courses are available from Wed 22/11/23 (at 08:00) and will remain available until 31st May 2024.

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Further Information
Region: West Midlands
Local Club: Octavian Droobers
Nearest Town: Nuneaton
Postcode: CV11 6QD
Carpark: CV11 6QD
Town, city & urban
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for intermediate orienteerers
Suitable for advanced orienteerers
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Nuneaton SE£2.00
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Self-print only

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The VOC courses are exactly the same as the above description

Download the course you want to run using MapRun: Open MapRun and select the course from MapRun UK | Coventry and Warwickshire | Club Social Courses | Nuneaton AS1...

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