Nevis Range - Highest Course in the UK!

Orienteer amongst stunning mountain scenary at the highest orienteering course in the UK!

The course is based at the top gondola station at the Nevis Range, so you can have the excitement of a c500m vertical climb on a gondola. Gondola tickets / passes are available on the Nevis Range website

It is a score course where you visit as many controls as you can within a (suggested) 90 minute limit.  There are 22 controls in total. If you’ve never tried orienteering before, you’re strongly advised to stick to controls 1 to 10 which are closer to the gondola station and use the paths. 

Controls 11 and upwards require navigating away from paths and hence require, the ability to use a compass to navigate across open ground off a path and walking boots or similar suitable for rough terrain. For those familiar with orienteering terminology these controls are a mix of Technical Difficulty 3 (TD3) and TD4 controls.

Control 22 is the highest orienteering control site in the United Kingdom at 793m!

Map: 1,7500, 10m contours (yes 10 metres as it's steep!).

Important Safety Information:

  • Orienteering is an adventure sport, and as such trips and slips may happen, so wear footwear and clothes appropriate for the rugged terrain (i.e. walking boots) and the weather conditions.
  • You take part at your own risk.
  • Under 16s must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Closed in winter or when the gondola is not running – the course is closed during the winter months (typically December – March), whilst skiing is in operation, if the course is covered in snow or when the gondola is not running.
  • Exposure – the course rises to c800m and weather can be very exposed; dress appropriately and take full waterproof cover and warm clothes.
  • Steep ground – the ground at the edge of map beyond controls 5 and 10 falls away steeply. Please take extra care here.
  • Bike Tracks - You must not use the downhill mountain bike tracks which are marked as out of bounds via the purple crosses on the map.
  • Streams– Take care crossing any streams and use the bridges if needed.
  • Fences – you must not climb over the ski fences.
  • Ticks - Always check for ticks after exploring the outdoors as they can carry Lyme disease -
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Further Information
Region: Scotland
Nearest Town: Fort William
Postcode: PH33 6SQ
Carpark: PH33 6SQ
Forest & more rural
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for intermediate orienteerers
View from highest control in the UK
Dogs welcome too
Maps Available From

Nevis Range Ticket Office at the bottom of the gondola.

Map price TBC

For opening hours please see Nevis range website.

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