Use the Maprun app. Maprun app  Garmin watch owners may wish to use the sister app MaprunG, you will need a printed course map.

Your phone (watch) beeps when you get close to the feature (a virtual control detected by your GPS signal). Upload your results to see your position on the leader board.

We suggest you download a map from here but you can just use the one on your smartphone.  If you need a map legend download one here Sprint map legend

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Expected Time


Suitable for Hazards Results


20-40 Beginner Traffic short
Medium 7 /3.1 25 to 60 Some experience Traffic Medium
Long 11/ 4.4 30 to 70 Some experience


Avoid paths

near the church


To use the Maprun app when in the car park, start the app. If you are at the site or are close by, click 'Events near me' or at home, click 'Select Event' and go to the UK/Leicestershire/Glenfield folder to find the courses. Click the one you want. Click ‘go to Start’ when you are ready. When you get near the start your time begins once your phone beeps.

If you want a map legend /guide download Guide to map symbols

ResultsResults  Enter a time period, Country = UK and County = Leicestershire

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Available Maps
Maprun LongFREE
Maprun MediumFREE
Maprun ShortFREE
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Further Information
Region: East Midlands
Nearest Town: Glenfield, Leicestershire
Postcode: LE3 8DL
Carpark: LE3 8DL
Town, city & urban
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for intermediate orienteerers
Available Maps
Maprun LongFREE
Maprun MediumFREE
Maprun ShortFREE
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Maprun Start Short Medium
Maprun Finish
Maprun Long Finish
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