Abbey Craig & the Wallace Monument

The information below may be out of date.  Adhere to Covid-19 advice at all times.

Orienteer in the forest surrounding the great Wallace Monument.  Parking is free, cafe and toilets on-site and a chance to enjoy great views from the viewpoint.

There are three courses available, of increasing difficulty.  Find the controls in the order shown:

Short Course - 1.6 km

A relatively simple course for beginners of families with small children.  Find the controls in order. It will probably take about 20-40 minutes depending on how much time is spent enjoying the forest. You could detour up to the Monument viewpoint if you have spare time.

Medium Course - 2.2 km

A slightly further and more challenging course than the Short. This one gives you the opportunity to orienteer past the Monument and viewpoint.    It will probably take about 30 - 45 minutes depending on your pace, navigational skills and time spent enjoying the views.

Long Course - 3.2 km

The longest and most challenging of all three courses. This one also has the opportunity to pass by the Monument and viewpoint.  It will probably take 45 - 60 minutes to do depending on your pace and navigational skills.  If in doubt, try a shorter course first.


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Long Course£2.00
Medium Course£2.00
Short Course£2.00
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Further Information
Region: Scotland
Nearest Town: Stirling
Postcode: FK9 5LU
Carpark: FK9 5LU
Forest & more rural
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for intermediate orienteerers
Suitable for advanced orienteerers
Available Maps
Long Course£2.00
Medium Course£2.00
Short Course£2.00
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Orienteer around an iconic monument
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If you'd like more information on orienteering in the Stirlingshire area please go to the club website:

Other Things to do in the Area

A perfect opportunity to visit the Wallace Monument, standing at 67 metres tall with commanding views over the Stirlingshire countryside (and castle) commemorating Sir William Wallace a 13th-century Scottish hero.  Can you handle the 246 steps to the top of the tower?!?

The Legends Coffee House, located at the car park offers great food, a gift shop, an information centre, and toilet facilities.



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